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LPL Strategic Wealth Services is a truly tailored experience for financial advisors breaking away from the wirehouse.

Get the benefits of owning your business—your name on the door, your vision, your legacy—without the hassles of entrepreneurship. With a team of practitioners working directly for you, you’ll be free to focus solely on managing your clients’ wealth.

Real People at LPL Get You Real Results

You get a dedicated team of experts who run your business. You’re the owner and driver, and they function like your staff, handling logistics on your behalf. That includes strategic work as well as daily functions, like managing social media, scheduling client meetings, and processing new accounts. They’re not consultants, and they’re not “a resource.” They’re practitioners working for your business.

You’ll be paired with an executive coach who coordinates various business functions—financial technology, marketing, administration, etc.—and helps you hone your entrepreneurial instincts.

One Fee, No Fuss

A truly integrated service, one fee gets you the full Strategic Wealth Services experience. That includes setting up your wealth management business for launch and running your ongoing operations.

Backed By Scale

Benefit from partnering with the nation’s leading independent broker-dealer and top 3 custodian. With LPL’s resources and expertise, your needs aren’t just met—they’re anticipated.

Everything Under One Roof

Unlike competitors, LPL couples supported independence with integrated custody and broker-dealer solutions. You get: One integrated platform. One client statement. One team to call.

“Because of my background with the wire, I was convinced that any time you asked a question, they were coached to tell you no the first time and make you ask again. I realized as I got over here and was asking questions of people, the questions they were asking back weren’t telling me no—they were trying to figure out how they could make it happen. That’s just the first time I realized I’d saddled up beside a partner who was really going to be a good one. Every time I bring something to their attention, LPL has proven time again they’re going be a fantastic partner.”

-- Mike Ashworth, Ashworth Financial Group

How It Works

Your dedicated Strategic Wealth Services team functions like your staff. You’ll work with them daily to run a business that reflects your values, personality, style, and preferences. They get to know you—from the day you sign onward—and are invested in your success.

You choose how you want to structure your new business. Our team gets you there—from the moment you decide to leave your current firm through setting up the business. They then continue to run your ongoing, day-to-day operations, including marketing, human resources, IT, accounts payable and receivable, administration, and more.

Your Partnership With LPL

And with LPL, you get a broker-dealer, custody, and clearing all in one place. This gives you a simple, intuitive experience as part of one dedicated relationship.

Your relationship with LPL also includes:

  • High-net-worth consulting
  • Integrated custody and brokerage, with an option for outside custody when necessary
  • Business risk management—with compliance management, shared regulatory risk, and professional liability insurance
  • Investment management platform for individually managed and centrally managed portfolios

Whether you’re breaking away from the wirehouse or starting a new chapter for your independent practice, your LPL Strategic Wealth Services team will help you get up and running. They’ll transition accounts, help you find and acquire an office location, address any legal needs involved in transitioning your book, introduce you to LPL resources—anything you need.

Let Us Work For You


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What Financial Advisors Are Saying About LPL Strategic Wealth Services

“It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders to not be chasing production anymore. I’m chasing quality and it really does feel different. We’re all very happy to come in each day.”

Brian Lynn, Claritas Financial Partners

“People say all the time, ‘You just don’t know what you’ve been missing until you’ve done it.’ That’s certainly true. It’s been a breath of fresh air, for sure.”

Mike Ashworth, Ashworth Financial Group

“People didn’t just get us here. They’re still coming back to us, checking on us, following up with us. They’re still there. They’re present. And that’s appreciated.”

Marc DeCicco, North Bend Wealth Management

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