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Strengthen client relationships by delivering on your value proposition.

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Clients are scrutinizing the value that financial advisors are bringing to their relationships and how it corresponds to the fees charged for advice and services. Advisors should develop close personal relationship touchpoints to deliver on their value proposition and make the emotional connection between their services and a client’s needs.

It’s imperative to articulate your value proposition at every opportunity. It starts with a welcoming onboarding process and engaging in portfolio and fee transparency. Since clients are now digitally savvy, offer a robust suite of online services and structure a consistent and scalable investment process. Throughout the client relationship, employ proactive client communication to reinforce an empathetic association that stresses advisor value.

Clients expect quality service and performance, yet they truly desire that advisors personally relate to their needs. Learn more by downloading our white paper, From Prospect to Pipeline: Building Strong Relationships, today.

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