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A #1-ranked firm* means client loyalty through transition.

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What makes your clients value your relationship? Will they follow you as you transition? How can you choose a firm that will help ensure client loyalty?

These are questions that can largely determine the success of your transition. In our white paper, you’ll:

  • Understand the three elements that factor into client retention and satisfaction
  • Learn how LPL Financial's #1 ranking can be a "loyalty beacon" for clients
  • Discover the expert resources and proven processes behind a smooth transition

Learn how to leverage the promise of your new firm’s strengths. Download Choosing the Right Partner for an Enhanced Client Experience now.

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*Market Strategies International/Cogent Wealth Reports: Investor Brandscape; December 2016. Survey of 3,901 U.S. adults with at least $100,000 of investable assets. Measuring the impact of brand and loyalty on revenue, LPL Financial earned the highest loyalty score among its primary clients.