Download the Broker Dealer Scorecard to compare how potential partners stack up.

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Are you ready for a change, but can't decide which broker dealer is right for your business?

You’re not alone—finding the right partner for your business’ unique needs is daunting and complicated.

That’s why we at LPL Financial have created our Broker Dealer Scorecard.

Our Scorecard is expertly crafted to help you easily determine who is the best partner for your practice, based on the support and resources that are critical to you.

With your Broker Dealer Scorecard, you’ll be able to easily compare broker dealers across important support services and resources, such as:

  • Technology

  • Research

  • Brand Reputation

  • Transition, Scaling, & Succession Planning

  • Firm Stability, Growth, & Market Leadership

  • Advisor Independence

  • And more!

By comprehensively comparing how potential partners stack up, you can gain the clarity you need to move forward with an affiliated broker dealer and successfully grow your business.

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